Our goal is to educate students to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, to pursue academic excellence and individual achievement, in a context of respect for others and service to the community.

PIA’s mission is to develop the unique capabilities of each student. The school aims to foster a love of learning; to create independent, confident, and contributing members of our community and the world. PIA works to guide children on their natural course of discovery, to encourage deep thinking, problem solving and compassion for others.


Real World Learning:

A critical design element of PIA is that students learn from and in the real world. Interaction is related to the age of the student: from the Early Childhood Classroom Montessori real world practices to the high school Internship design.

One Student at a Time-Personalization:

At PIA, personalization expands beyond “academic work” and involves looking at a student holistically. Students are encouraged to explore and pursue their interests, and a unique and interest-based Learning Plan guides middle and upper students.

Authentic Assessment:

Learning at PIA is substantiated with quality products. Assessment criteria are individualized to the student and the real world standards of a project.

School Organization:

The organizing principal of PIA is to educate one student at a time and to support real world learning, infused with a rich network of relationships.

Advisory Structure:

The advisory is the core organizational and relational structure of PIA, often described as a “second family” by students. Advisories (homerooms) meet daily and continue for a minimum of two years.

School Culture:

At PIA, culture is not a means to an end but an end in itself. There is palpable trust, respect and equality among students and adults. Students take leadership roles in the school, and teamwork defines the adult culture. Visitors are struck by the ease with which students interact with adults.


At PIA, Leadership is shared between the Director, Principal and a dedicated, responsible team of advisors and other staff; and students. A pervasive sense of shared ownership drives a positive culture and ongoing improvement.

Parent/Family Engagement:

Parent and families are an essential element of PIA. They feel welcome, valued and participate in various school and student led activities.


Professional Development:

Professional Development is ongoing for director, principal, advisors and teachers. PIA is a community of lifelong learners in continuous improvement.

PIA 2017-2018

Ending our fifth year of operation, being recognized as a top school in Belize-what an honor! Lots of hard work, dedication, perseverance and grit made it all possible.