Registration & Enrollment

Entry Fee:

Belizean Citizen: Entry Fee $2,000BZ$ per student

Non-Belizean citizen: Entry Fee $2,000US$ per student

PIA considers a child registered when the entry fee is deposited.  

Monthly Tuition:

There are currently 12 payments of $650BZ. Our office manager and accountant will be available to collect your checks. You may also deposit monthly fees into our account: Atlantic Bank, Account Number 100230901, Peninsula International Academy

Fun Fridays

Open to the Peninsula community: 5 years old-13 years old welcome

$50 US$ Foreigners/Visitors (lunch and snack provided)

$50 BZ$ Residents


Please see our age/Standard breakdown for 2017/18

Upper Primary:

Std. 6 (grade 8) turns 12 by Dec. 30

Std. 5 (grade 7) turns 11 by Dec. 30

Std. 4 (grade 6) turns 10 by Dec. 30

Middle Primary:

Std. 3 (grade 5) turns 9 by Dec. 30

Std. 2 (grade 4) turns 8 by Dec. 30

Std. 1 (grade 3) turns 7 by Dec. 30

Lower Primary:

Inf.  2 (grade 2) turns 6 by Dec. 30

Inf.  1 (grade 1) turns 5 by Dec. 30

Early Childhood:

Preschool year 2  turns 4 by Dec. 30

Preschool year 1 turns 3 by Dec. 30


Registration / Enrollment:

PIA considers a child registered when forms are submitted and payment is made. You are also expected to read and sign the Parent Handbook agreement that outlines the school’s policies and parental participation agreement. This will ensure that you are familiar with all of our operating procedures.